Ottawa Area

"Their soft consistency intensified the flavour of the fruit and revealed his skillful layering of flavours that would have been lost had he made them firmer. ... Michael's preserves remind me of the preserves made by French confiseur Christine Ferber."

Jennifer B.



Ottawa Environs

"... pots of pure goodness ... no funny names in any of the ingredient list helps to keep the tastes real."

Anne W.



Toronto Area

"Your ability to pair fruits is really unique and it is why your jams are unlike the others in the market ... an experience beyond 'jam'. The word jam does not really explain your jam!"


Maureen K.



"The colour of the jams, the fruit characteristic, the natural sugar... We were rendered speechless!"

Don C.



Online Stores

"I can't go back to any other brand! Thank you very much for sharing your brilliance and jam gems available."

Tanya B.