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Photography courtesy of Ness

Michael Sunderland is the founder, proprietor, and confectioner at Michael's Dolce based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  He graduated in Culinary Arts from Algonquin College and had worked in a variety of kitchens from Fairmont Hotels & Resorts to fine restaurants and caterers.

For over two decades, his focus has been creating quality desserts. The summer of 2009 is when he began making gourmet jams. With numerous praises from patrons together with his passion and dedication for culinary delights, he established his own brand Michael's Dolce in January 2010. Since then, his business has expanded producing distinctive drink syrups and sauces including Sriracha! He also makes epicurean pizzas most recently for sale at Dominion City Brewery Co. He is at Ottawa Farmers Market - Lansdowne Park from May to October every year.


In his private time, he makes assorted desserts and bread which flavours are well-reputed.  Michael is also fascinated with photography. All the photos used on this website are taken by him unless otherwise noted. 

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